Chilli-Ease is a capsaicin cream that combines penetrating and soothing organic Coconut Oil & smoothing organic Beeswax with the analgesic benefits of Capsaicin.

Applying Chill-Ease may play a positive role in the symptomatic relief of pain and stiffness in Arthritic joints, back & neck pain.

Chill-Ease may assist in reducing the swelling of sprains, joint inflammation and may also assist with relief of muscular aches and pains when topically applied.

Chill Ease and sport:

May aid in the relief of muscular aches and pains, may also assist with the swelling and pain associated with sprained joints as well as the relief of pain and stiffness in tendonitis, back & neck .

Capsaicin is the chilli oil. The ingredient that makes the chilli pepper hot. There are over 3500 different chilli varieties and the amount of capsaicin varies. Normally you eat the chilli peppers in your food. Not everyone can eat spicy food, so we have dragged the capsaicin out of the hot chilli pepper and made a topical capsaicin cream that you can apply on your skin as often as you will.

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